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Narrative Space: Features

This web site is especially designed to be useful to people who have never been exposed to narrative work before. To serve that end, there are a number of features which we hope the reader will find helpful.

Terms which may be unfamilar are highlighted. If you click on one of them you will find yourself on the Terminology page, at the location of the term. Once you finish reading about the term, you only need to click onto the Go back to same spot on home page. button and you will return to where you started. Then you can easily continue your reading.

Many of the links on this web site are to other pages of the web site. Other links are to other web sites we hope you will find useful. In these cases, clicking on the link will result in an additional window opening up. This will allow you the opportunity to surf as long as you like through this window. When you want to return to Narrative Space, simply close that window and it will be as if you had never left.

Wherever possible, antidotes and stories will be included to make the descriptions richer and more easily understood. This web site is clearly a work in progress, so please check back periodically as more stories will be added as they are gathered.

We are especially interested in seeking the input of the reader to make this site more useful. Please consider writing us and sharing your stories or ideas.

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