This narrative space web site is designed to describe and explore the experience of narrative space. Narrative therapy is one way of creating such space.


Our lives are like a landscape with many large stones. The stones are the dominant story. If immersed in the dominant story, one would see a solid line of boulders. When one begins to observe from a narrative perspective, one notices that in fact the boulders are scattered about with huge spaces between them. These spaces define narrative space. Asking questions is very important for narrative work. One of the desired results of asking questions is the opening up of this narrative space. If a question serves to open up such space, then it will probably be a helpful question.



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Narrative space opens doors for us to discover the preferred stories of our lives. Our identities are shaped by the thickening of these plots. Narrative space refers to an incredibly vibrant and hopeful way of viewing, interacting and living in the world. Narrative space is where people find openings to deal with their pain, identify alternate preferred stories for their lives, experience authentication for those stories through tellings and retellings, and share and work with others with similar interests.


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The creating of narrative space, narrative therapy, and narrative work in general is based on post-structuralist or non-structuralist thought. My understandings of this is informed by the work and writings of Michael White of the Dulwich Centre in Adelaide, Australia. His contribution to my understandings is considerable, but my explanations are my own and I take full responsibility for the content.--[Greg Nooney]
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