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Please note that when you click onto one of the links on this page, a new window will open up. When you are finished browsing through that web site, simply close the window and you will be back here. -- Greg


Much of what I know about narrative work has been due to the contributions of Michael White and his work at the:

Dulwich Centre in Adelaide, Australia

This is a brand new web site in Toronto, Canada:

Narrative Therapy Centre of Toronto

Narrative therapy, training, consultation, and supervision in Manchester UK

Centre for Narrative Practice

An extremely comprehensive site for lots of information about narrative ways is:

Narrative Approaches

Many interesting books and journals are available to order online through the Northern Hemisphere distributor of:

Dulwich Centre Publications

Avalon Consulting & Associates have a very intriguing website that explores many aspects of story. They also offer corporate collaborations, non-profit partnerships, story coaching for personal and professional development, conference presentations, and public workshops and events. They have an online library and have placed a link to this site as a resource for one of their articles.

Edge of Avalon

If you are interested in Drama Therapy, you would be delighted to check out Pam Dunne's website. She has been very influenced by the work of Michael White and David Epston, and has presented in narrative conferences with them.

The Drama Therapy Institute

The Jerusalem Narrative Therapy Family Institute

Narrative Therapy Family Institute in Jerusalem

If you are aware of an important narrative site not listed here, please contact me to suggest that I add it to this page. -- Greg

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